1-Rock & Roll Motel 20142

Rock & Roll Motel 20131


These are a few of the musical artisans we’ve come to know like family over the years. Please seek them out, support them and get to know them. They are worth your time.

(More Links Coming Soon)

Aaron Lee Tasjan
AJ Roach
(Brooklyn, NY)
Alexis Marceaux & The Samurai (New Orleans, LA)
American Aquarium (Raleigh, NC)
Amy Black Band
Amy Stroup (Nashville, TN)
Amythyst Kiah
Ancient Cities
Andy Bilinski (Wilmington, NC)
Andy D (Indianapolis, IN)
Andy Zipf – (Washington, DC)
Andy Friedman – (Brooklyn, NY)
Angie Aparo (Atlanta, GA)
Aunt Martha – (Boston, MA)
Band of Opportunity (All over)
Banditos – (Alabama)
Besides Daniel – (Atlanta, GA)
Beth McKee Trio – (Orlando, FL)
Better Twin ( Asheville, NC)
BJ Barham
Bonnie Whitmore and Chris Porter – (Austin, TX)
Breaking Laces – (Brooklyn, NY)
Brian Dolzani
Caleb Caudle (New Orleans, LA)
Carl Anderson & Ellen Picker – Virginia
Case Conrad – (Sweden/Spain)
CHAPPO – (Brooklyn, NY)
Chris Castle – (Norwalk, OH)
Christian Lee Hutson
Connor Kennedy
Cory Branan – Mississippi
Cowards Choir
David Mayfield Parade -
Dean Fields
Desert Noises – (Provo, UT)
Dylan Sneed (SC)
Edgar Oliver
Eliot Bronson (Decatur, GA)
Ellis Paul (Charlottesville, VA)
Eran Shaysh (Big Old Big One)
Escondido – (Nashville, TN)
Field Report
Firework Show (Charleston, SC)
Frontier Ruckus (MI)
Future Thieves (TN)
Gareth Asher (Atlanta, GA)
George Dawes Green
Girls Guns & Glory (Cambridge, MA)
Glasgow (New Orleans, LA)
Griffin House
Guthrie Brown
Haley Dries – (Nashville, NC)
High Plains Jamboree
Humble Tripe (NC,MA)
Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!
Ian Thomas (Knoxville, TN)
Isaac Russell
Jason Goforth
Jason Myles Goss
Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas (Detroit, MI)
Jonathan Meiburg
John Moreland
Joshua James (Willamette Mtn., UT)
Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery
Joy Kills Sorrow
Jukebox the Ghost (D.C./NY)
Jupiter One (Brooklyn, NC)
Justin Kinkel-Schuster
Kevin Abernathy (Knoxville, TN)
Kevin Gordon (Nashville, TN)
King of Prussia (Athens, GA)
Kishi Bashi (NY, VA)
Lake Street Dive
Lauris Vidal
Lefty Williams Band (Atlanta, GA)
Leslie (Charleston, SC)
Levi Lowrey
Levi Weaver
Luke Mitchem
Magician Michael Casey (Chapel Hill, NC)
Mando Saenz (Nashville, TN)
Mark Kroos
Matt Urmy (Nashville, TN)
Matthew Frantz
Matthew Perryman Jones (Nashville, TN)
Mechanical River
Mic Harrison (Knoxville, TN)
Mieka Pauley
Mike Mains & The Branches
Miniature Tigers (Brooklyn, TN)
Miss Tess & The Talkbacks (Nashville, TN)
Mo Lowda and the Humble
Molly Parden
Nellie Clay
Orion Freeman
Parade Grounds
Patrick Park
Penny and Sparrow
Peyton Tochterman
PigPen Theatre Co. (NYC)
Poor Old Shine
Quiet Company
Rachel Goodrich & The Moneybags (Miami, FL)
Rachel Kate Gillon
Ramsey Midwood
Rayland Baxter Band
Rebecca Loebe
Rhythm Future Quartet
Roadkill Ghost Choir
Rob Williams
Robby Hecht
Romantica (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Ryan Hommel
Sad Red
Sam Burchfield
Sam Lewis
Sarah Blacker, Roni, Beasley
Sarah Borges
Sarah Clanton Schaffer
Seth Glier & Joe (MA)
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds (Brooklyn, NY)
Sleepy Horses (Athens, GA)
Sons of Bill (Charlottesville, VA)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies (Brooklyn, NY/UK)
Stoll Vaughan (Knoxville, TN)
Sun Domingo (Atlanta, GA)
Sweet Crude (NOLA)
Tall Tall Trees
The Americans
The Black Cadillacs
The Black Lillies
The Brilliant Inventions (Decatur, GA)
The Cowards Choir
The Dawn Drapes
The DuPont Brothers
The Eastern Sea
The Elwins (Canada)
The Fustics
The Ghost Wolves (Austin, TX)
The Kernal (Jackson, TN)
The Ravenna Colt
The Rocketboys (Austin, TX)
The Sea The Sea
The Speedbumps (OH)
The Sunpilots (Sydney, Australia)
The Tragic Thrills
The Wealthy West
The Winter Sounds (New Orleans, LA)
These United States
This Mountain
Thrift Store Cowboys (Austin, TX)
Tim Easton
Tim McNary
Timmy the Teeth (Timothy George)
Tom McBride
Tornado Rider
Treetop Sailors (Austin, TX)
Tristan Omand
Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses) (Asheville, NC)
Unchained Tour – Storytelling Raconteurs  (GA, NY)
Up the Chain
Valley Young
Water Liars
Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers
Wheeler Brothers (Austin, TX)
Will Dailey
Womack  Family Band (Ohio)
Zach Broocke